Recycling green

We Recycle!

Executive Janitorial has launched a program to focus on recycling. We are prepared to improve and continue our leadership role within the sustainability movement.

We are asking each of our accounts to join us in this endeavor. Your role is to allow us to pick up trash at each employee work area and treat it as a recycle product. Each employee’s responsibility is to dispose of their food and beverage items in the break room and/or a designated container in central locations for our larger buildings. This will also eliminate the two trash bins many of our customers currently have at their desks.

The hard part is to convince that first employee to recycle. Ants, odors, trash liner’s that leak into the can are a few selling points other than recycling. Best yet, get up from your computer and walk to a trash can, ergonomics at its finest.

If all goes well additional blue bins will be needed and better yet the trash dumpster can be traded in for a blue recycle container and the trash will now fit into a single garbage bin!

Together we can make this work. Our efforts will complement our existing green solutions product “Clean by Peroxy” a hydrogen peroxide base cleaner we use at your location. And the hepa-triple filtered back packs that pick up 99.9% of allergens. We also only use microfiber cloths and mop heads along with the new flat micro fiber mops that uses less water and captures more dirt particles than the traditional cotton string mop.

Today, we must look to tomorrow, protect the environment and support social responsibility.